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          Xogen is the cutting-edge provider of Advanced Electro Oxidation technology to treat wastewater onsite to destroy ammonia and other contaminants.

          The Xogen Edge

          Xogen’s patented technology has proven to cost-effectively treat high ammonia concentrations which sets us apart from other solutions.

          Low PEX, Reduced OPEX and minimal civil works

          Plug and Treat technology with customized remote monitoring 24/7

          Eliminates trucking costs

          Immune to temperature and Toxic upsets

          No biosolids produced through our process

          Improve safety with odorless performance

          Advanced Electro Oxidation Technology

          Our proprietary process cleans wastewater by turning pollutants into different chemils which are either useful or harmless.

          • Fast start-up with instant reaction time
          • Treatment in minutes, not days
          • High treatment efficy
          • Low cost relative to competitors

          Work with Us

          We look forward to hearing about your ammonia and wastewater contaminant issues!